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Its been a tough 2020 for us all. Hope you and yours are well. Do what you need to do to stay covid free.
Mask up, space out, stay away from groups as much as possible. Wash your hands! Get vaccinated when you can. TC is still here, but things are scattered like everyone else.

Think ahead for when you can play your sport again. Give yourself more time to plan and order Everything takes longer now. We can do this.

Team Colors wants to help you show your colors!

If you are tired of your teams looking like everybody else, we want to hear from you.

Team Colors specializes in soccer team supply but also provides a good selection of basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball/softball, track/running, tennis, football, and other team sports uniforms!  Team Colors is available to you to talk about your team, school or club needs for any level of competiton or price point.

Team Colors focuses on the details of suiting and equipping your teams. By appointment only, we'll sit down with you to find out how we can work for you to provide more service and solutions. 

Email to schedule an appointment, call 253-606-3656.

Let us listen to your needs and determine how we can help you be the unique, successful organization you want to be. Show your colors!

Click on the links at top or bottom of page. Click "Your Colors" to find your specific color soccer team uniforms!
Or you can look via the soccer uniform gallery and
outerwear gallery above tabs (as they are constructed).

For Goalkeeper sets and pants click on "
", here.

If you don't want to look like everybody else; If you are tired of chasing logos; If you want more service and more ideas; If you want more choices; If you want to stand out from the crowd, Team Colors wants to work with you. There are many exciting options available at just about any price point if you are willing to look beyond the standard routine. If you can't find the apparel and equipment to outfit your teams through Team Colors, you aren't trying very hard.

For some Quick Value Package ideas: Click here "Packages" to get started on some low cost team uniforms packages!

If you want value and more choices, let us know what we can do for you. If you haven't talked to us about pricing then you don't know what your pricing will be. The prices listed on these pages are estimates for small team quantities. Higher quantities mean lower prices. Ask about balls, layers, shin guards, gloves, and outerwear.
Email contact is:

Interface with a person instead of just an online shopping cart. Contact us, your personal team uniform store, to talk about your team, your club, your school, your colors.

Click on the links at top or bottom of page. Click "Your Colors" to find your soccer team uniforms!


Complete soccer uniform packages.
your colors

Contact Team Colors at:
,  phone: 253-606-3656



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