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      To make your purchase of soccer team apparel or equipment a more successful experience, here are some things to consider and plan for:

Timing is Everything: Start Early

All brands run out of the color and size you want at some point. Manufacturing is mostly based on seasonal demand and it is not a simple process for manufacturers to "get another batch" fast. Even though a style will carry over to the next year, certain sizes will run out. They will not make any more than than the think they will be able to sell. They cannot predict every demand by style, color and size. The smaller your organization is, the later you usually order. One week there might be 55 purple mediums available, the next week, none. Don't wait until you know exactly how many you will need-estimate your requirement and order early.

Team Colors' Operation

Team Colors is not a regular retail soccer store. We have done mostly soccer, but we can support you in any sport. We do not have much stock "on the shelf" for individual sales. The focus is on team sales. We do have lots of samples for most styles on this site that can be shown to you at a pre-arranged meeting. We want to put together the best uniform package we can for your teams. This takes a little time and planning, but you get great results. We do the leg work and can save you money.

We keep in regular contact with our suppliers and most products are avilable within 5-7 days if in US warehouses. Certain Joma orders can get from Spain to here in 5 days! Custom color socks could be approx. 30 days. We can get some cut/sew custom uniforms in 2 weeks, and some custom sublimated as quick as 10 days. Custom Xara uniforms are about 60-90 days. 50% down payment is required to order. Balance is paid at final delivery. Prices usually don't include shipping/printing costs which are added separately. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get samples and arrange a meeting.

Plan Ahead

The sports uniform business is seasonal. There are several seasons, depending on where you live and the type of sports leagues you are involved in. If you wait until right before the season starts, you may find that the items you want are not available. Check with your supplier early and often for availability. Plan on booking your big orders about 3 months before you need; say by December for a Spring season and by April for a Fall season. Don't wait.

Stay Connected

Stay in contact with your dealer during your availability search/order phase. Be prepared to act quickly, unless you have pre-booked, because what is available today could be gone tomorrow. Have a rough idea of sizes and quantities you will need.
Think about extras and fill-ins.

Have an Alternate

Your favorite style could run out in the sizes you need. It happens. So be prepared with a couple of  alternative styles or combinations of styles and colors so you can respond to shortages and still make your deadlines while satisfying your teams' expectations. Checking with us for availabilty of your favorite styles on a regular basis will prepare you for needed changes.

Check Your Sizes

Meet with your dealer early to get samples of all the sizes you are considering. All brands and styles do not fit alike.
Kids are growing so don't assume the same size will fit a person 6 to 12 months later. Like styles, have in mind alternate sizes you can live with in case the size you need runs out the week before you need it. For many, a size up or down will be OK. Some boys tend to get uniforms that are too big. Conversely, some girls tend to get uniforms too small. Be careful not to fudge into the too big range, hoping to save money by getting two seasons out of one uniform. The player can end up with too much fabric flapping around on the field.

Time for Printing

Consider the fact that your uniforms don't emerge automatically from the manufacturer's warehouse with names, numbers and logos. Plan ahead with your dealer to start this concurrent with your uniform order. These all take time and involve many variables like availability of materials, backlog at printer or embroiderer and art work production/approval. The printing process can sometimes take as long or longer that the time it takes to order and ship uniforms.


Brand and Value

Often we buy uniforms more to make an impression on other people’s minds than to enjoy using those items. The brand your teams wear will not determine how you will play, your success or failure, or the status you hold in the league. That is up to hard work, practice, and support from all in your team, club, and families.


Your teams are unique. You need to stand out from the rest but still get quality and value for your players and families. Your image is more important than the store or brand trying to add you to their image. Go your own way. Ask yourself if a product really takes care of your team’s unique needs. Is there an alternative product that performs as well for less money? Are you getting what you want or just making a quick decision from limited choices? Team Colors is focused on your teams and supporting your organization toward a successful season with full coverage in quality products and programs with real value. We can even guarantee delivery with qualified Xara orders.

Your team’s brand is the unique environment you create - the sum of your efforts, not the brand on your chest. Let it be an enjoyable one that develops skill and character and future success.

Email to schedule an appointment, call 253-606-3656, your location or TC office/ showroom at 8312 Custer Rd SW, Lakewood, WA 98499


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