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Emotion, Environment and Experience

At Team Colors everything we do stems from our commitment to support the success of each soccer organization. This core principle was the catalyst for the thinking behind e3 soccer.

e3 soccer is a state of being that elevates the overall soccer experience for everyone involved. The Emotion, Environment and Experience that a soccer organization creates will determine the satisfaction that players, coaches, parents and administrators get from the game. Without an Emotional connection to the organization, your membership will not be committed to its success. Unless the Environment you create is unique, how will you keep them engaged? Without a commitment to delivering an authentic soccer Experience, you cannot expect to achieve your ultimate state – e3 Soccer.

Remember, your won-lost record is not an indicator of how close you are to Achieving e3 Soccer. Many organizations with on the field success deliver an unsatisfactory soccer experience to their membership. So maybe it is time for your organization to take a step back and see how good the soccer experience could be for everyone.

Success is relative; we understand that each orgaization has its own vision of success and unique ways on how to measure it. Regardless of an organization's size or level of the game it serves, success can only be achieved if they overcome basic challenges that every organization faces

• Growth
• Lack of Volunteers
• Abilty to Raise Fees
• Quality Coaches
• Players Leaving
• Coaches Leaving
• Parental Involvement

Team Colors and Xara are committed to provide products, programs and services that
offer ways to overcome these challenges. Start building a better soccer experience today.

See how Team Colors with Xara can help get you there:
Look for the Xara Program that is the right fit for your club; click on the links or contact Team Colors at or 253-686-8287.

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