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Soccer provides lasting memories for everyone involved. That is why Team Colors offers Xara products, programs and services that are age specific, appropriate at all levels of play, and honor the commitment of all club members. We understand that each person, whether player, coach, parent or administrator, holds a unique perspective of their club experience. That is why everything we do is intended to serve the effort of clubs across the country who seek to create a memorable club experience for all their members.
The range of themed products is designed to contribute to a richer soccer experience. Each is different allowing you to find the one that is the correct fit for your club. The City Series offers a very American soccer season, The Champions Series brings an awareness of club soccer on an International level to your club and The International Series allows your members to learn more about International Soccer at the highest level. Each product series offers a rich, distinctive and memorable experience. Players will remember the team that they played on, parents will participate in creating a unique soccer experience, coaches will have tools to help them motivate as well as create a memorable season, and administrators will honor their commitment to providing a fun, safe, memorable experience. With Xara products and the imagination of your members, you create a season like no other, and one that will be long remembered by everyone.
Select the program that contributes to your unique club experience.

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To learn more about how these programs can enhance your soccer experience click on Xara web site link and then the individual program button, or contact Team Colors for a meeting at or 253-606-3656.

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